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meet our Team


Master Barber, Shop Owner & Founder

Some Facts about Franco...


  • Franco is a very well established & very skilled Barber in Brighton. Able to boast over 30 years experience as a top notch barber, Franco has certainly earnt his title as a 'Master Barber'.

  • ​He began his successful career as a young bright eyed and bushy tailed 16 year old lad, embarking on an exciting journey into the world of Barbering creativity, skill & discipline. He had bags of ambition with his name on and certainly wasn't afraid to use it.

  • I can hear some of you wondering about 'Franco's name', and to simply answer your intrigue, Yes, Franco is Italian. His family originated from the South of Italy, where he lived as small child, in a town  near Naples. Franco enjoyed his childhood growing up as a bilingual kid, living in both Italy & England, he cherished the best of both worlds! 

  • Franco has sported his fine facial hair since he was a wee (well... 6ft 6") whipper snapper of just 19yrs old. Only ever removing it whilst partaking in the annual 'Movember' charity event.

  •  Franco was raised around Barbers, From his big brother & Sister to his Uncle. It was clear from a very early age that Franco was destined to be a Barber.


  • Franco & His wife Chloe moved to Brighton in early 2009 to pursue their  dream to open a traditional barber shop by the sea, and with a lot of hard work, determination and support from all their family and friends, they found their perfect premises and have been living out their dream ever since!




Senior Barber & Business Partner

Some Facts about Aaron...

  • Aaron has recently become a partner at Franco's Barbers and has been a valuable part of the team since he joined us as a Barbers Apprentice back in September 2013 when he trained full time under the supervision of our very own Master Barber 'Franco'. 


  • Aaron is an absolute asset and reputable barber here at Franco's Barbers. He is a highly skilled hair stylist and a dab hand at Traditional Shaves, working with a steady and precise hand he works well with a cut-throat razor, always with accuracy and confidence.  


  • Born and raised in Bradford, this northern lad moved to Brighton in the summer of 2012 to pursue his creative dreams. 


  • Aaron worked within the printing industry for over eight years, but during this, the whole time he was harboring a want and desire to train and become a skilled and talented Barber. Until finally, one day, he woke up and new exactly what he had to do, he knew it was his time to pursue his dream career!


  • Aaron Loves working at Franco's Barbers, and says he enjoys the great variety of customers, the fantastic fun atmosphere (there's never a dull moment) in the shop and working beside and learning from Franco. He couldn't of wished for a better place to pursue his barbering career! 



Co-Founder, Marketing Director & Web Manager 

Some Facts about Chloe...


  • ​Chloe is uber creative, but not as a Barber, oh no! Chloe is actually 'Me', so how do you all do? I work pretty silently managing & designing everything from the Website, branding, Advertising & marketing, to the interior design of our quirky Brighton Barber Shop.


  • I found inspiration for the branding of our shop through Franco. Franco is by biggest inspiration and with the influences off both 'Archer - Animated TV show & Lichtenstein - He doesn't need an intro', I set out to create a vision which people would, and have come to know so well in association with Franco's Barbers.​ I mixed this pop art vision with all things traditionally vintage and here was born Franco's Barbers.


  • Did you know that lots of the quirky ornaments and artefacts you will find within the Barbers (and there is a lot of them), have been so kindly given to the Shop by Franco's customers. You can have a gander at a few in our online Gallery! 


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