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Richard Pearson, Partnership Executive - Visit Brighton

"I have being going to have my hair cut at Franco’s for the last 11 years right from when he started his own business in Nile Street.  He does a mean haircut and is always friendly and chatty and his new premises is in a really cool location in the middle of The Lanes."

Paul Harvery, Professional CRB Checked IT technician

"I always make the effort to travel to Franco to get my haircut. He always runs to time and the barbers shop is a relaxed friendly place to be anyway if I get there early.  He's never asked me the usual "have you been on your holidays yet" hairdresser question, but the conversationstill comes easy while he's doing the most important bit - giving me a mighty fine haircut.  Can't imagine going anywhere else to have it done..."

Geoff Green, Ostepath

"Franco...I have been coming to your Barber's shop since it opened and before that in Nile Street. I travel over from Steyning because you are worth travelling for. You are a great barber and take such care. Overlooking the the busy Lanes gives the place a nice atmosphere and we always have such a jolly good chat; it's like visiting an old friend as well as getting a decent haircut."

Rob Mcpherson

"My first visit to Franco's was last Friday, a refuge for manly banter and manly grooming. Not many barbers can deliver a first class flat top, Franco certainly can ! I was more than happy with hair cut and beard trim, I will be back every time I can get down to Brighton !

Mark Zonnevylle, Doctor

"treat yourself to one of his cut throat shaves- hot towels, cold towels, exfoliation, shaving oil, alum block,  massage.....and lots of banter thrown in. Honestly, it makes shaving yourself a real chore"  

Matt Willoughby

Subject : Chanced me arm for a quieter life...great life choice!
"Franco is a gifted barber. Having managed to fit me in to his already full book on a chance enquiry, he then proceeded to work some kind of trichologistical magic on my somewhat tired & self- abused barnet! I left with a dapper cut and a happy girlfriend. Cheers Franco!!"

Robert Lenton & Little Frank

"I've been going to Franco's for years. While there aren't too many places apart from Franco's where I can get a proper haircut, my hair is the least of it. In fact, I'd still go to Franco even if he did rubbish haircuts. That's because going to see Franco has become a social event. And not just for me. My boy, Frank, would go every week, given the chance. Like me, he rates Franco as one of the best. And like me, that's not just because of the haircut. Quite simply, he really likes Franco. Although Frank is only five, Franco makes him feel big. I think that's because of the way Franco talks with him. He treats him like a proper customer. Frank enjoys that. And so do I. Frank and me have both got a lot of time for Franco."

Nick Young

"What a fantastic  barbers......... years ago I was walking through the lanes with my wife and on a whim decided to get my haircut, and what a great decision that turned out to be. Franco's not only welcomes you with a smile the haircut I get is first class. Since I have been having my haircut by Franco I have had my first ever cut throat  barbers wet shave, changed my hair style and above all found a barber that I can really trust. I live in Seaford so to come into Brighton every 3 weeks to have my haircut is no mean feat with the travelling and parking. But trust me.....Its worth it. I cannot recommend Franco's highly enough."

Simon Kirby, MP

"I have been using Franco’s Barbers for years and would recommend Franco to anyone looking for a hair cut.  According to one tweet I received, he is responsible for giving me “the most rocking hair in parliament”.

Damian Frizzell

"My fortnightly visit to Franco’s  barber shop is not just an exercise in vanity, but an all too brief opportunity to share in masculine banter, political repartee and general all round chit chat. Despite now living in West Sussex, I still ensure he’s the only man who gets to style my mane, and I thoroughly recommend a visit!"

Jamie Hall

"I have been using Franco’s  barbers for the last couple of years – what keeps me coming into Brighton from Hove where there are plenty of places to get your hair cut?

A  quality cut in a comfortable chair is a given and Franco  is always very welcoming. He has created a really nice  atmosphere to relax in and you never feel rushed  -  having a chilled beer in his fridge is  also a lovely touch!!

Definitely worth a visit……..keep up the good work mate!!"

Stuart Noel

"I've been coming to Franco for years and I now wouldn't even consider trusting anyone else with my barnet. I think the best description of Franco's skills is that my wife said following one of my first hair cuts with Franco (where he also recommended a new styling product) - 'I don't know what your barber's done but you seem to have a an actual hair style. And you don't look so bald'. Praise indeed."

Mark Jump, Graphic Designer

"I've been going to Franco's ever since he cut my hair for me the day before my wedding a couple of years ago. I have since moved to Brighton and regularly pay him a visit and always walk away with a smile as well as a great haircut! A true professional, he also offers a proper barber's shave (I've yet to treat myself) and he's always up for a chat and makes you feel welcome with every visit – he's even been known to greet you with a bottle of beer every now and then – top man!"

Ashley Goldman

“The best Barber in Brighton, I cant recommend him highly enough. Many of my fiends and family now go and see Franco for a hair cut, shave, chat and a beer! I used to hate going for a hair cut but now thoroughly enjoy it!!”

Ross Jackson

"Lived in Brighton for a year and came here every other week for a haircut because of a) the service, b) the haircut, and c)the service and the haircut! Seriously such a nice place, you get the comfort of being welcomed into Franco's barbershop as if you were walking into grandmother's kitchen for dinner (beer included!). Franco's also a cheery guy with tonnes of stories so sometimes, if you find you don't need a haircut, just go in for a style change and a friendly conversation. Cheers mate and thanks for all the do's!"

Stuart Adams

"I first called into Franco’s by chance whilst shopping. I left that day with a ‘Flat Top’ for the first time in 20 years! He was persuasive and was so looking forward to doing a Flat Top that it gave me the confidence to go for it!
Since then I have visited every 2/3 weeks, despite living nearly 40 miles away, as visiting Franco is not only a quality haircut but it  is also a pleasure.
The odd Stella here and there also helps.
Since the flat top I wanted a change and said to Franco ‘you decide, I am in your hands!’  He has not failed to deliver and I shall continue my trips over for my haircut and banter for many years to come
Keep up the good work!"

Sam Clist

"I've have been going to Franco's barbers for almost three years now and I wouldn't consider going anywhere else to get my hair done. It is refreshing to find a barber who actually listens to what you want done but can also offer different style advise if needed. Franco is always professional but still offers a friendly and welcoming service. Top lad!"

Roger Tuffin, Chartered Accountants

"I have been delighted with Franco's hair styling and his attention to detail."

Will Bolsover, Director - Natural World Safaris

“Always fun to drop in for a chat and catch up...and he is not bad at cutting hair either!!!”​

Bruce Sandeman-Craik

"Franco's a lovely man, he can talk on any subject and more importantly(!)…listen on any subject, he's very laid-back, his minions serve up very good coffee on the floor below and rumour has it that he's married to a very clever designer.​
What's not to like?​
Almost forgot,  he also cuts hair very well;  I no longer have to travel to London to get my hair cut just the way I want.."​


Andrew Holt

"Franco's is a high quality, traditional barbers right in the centre of Brighton's Lanes. It has a nice, relaxed atmosphere with good conversation!"

Peter Aston

"Newish to Brighton I had to troop around many barbers with my 12 year old son who refused to go back to any of them until we found Franco.  Now he refuses to go anywhere else."

William Colman

"Great atmosphere, great guy, great shop and gives you a great haircut. Don't need any more than that."

Steve Mackie, Director, Financial Planner

“Good value, good conversation and a decent haircut – what more could​
you ask for?”​

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